AMY GOODMAN: That was Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaking during an interview on Univision last week. date the date you are citing the material. Based on the groundbreaking book by award-winning journalist and Democracy Now! He was a liberal, a social democrat, who attempted to institute new social reforms. Multidisciplinary faculty guide developed for Equity Richand's Community Conversation Series: Harvest of Empire. Rather than attribute English success to the often touted Protestant work ethic, the author points out that the domination is a direct cause of the Anglo settlers consistently seizing more and more Latino land. But where this money came from and the people who gave it to him is something that he really should have looked at much more closely, because it is related to the most terrible atrocities. Here are some of the reviews for the film: Elizabeth Weitzman, N.Y. Daily News Four Stars! The Untold Story of Latinos in America. DR. ALFREDO QUIONES-HINOJOSA: Were all humans. N h This was not a place that was very welcoming. But thats not the case. Harvest of Empire ends with Gonzalez outlining six provisions that he believes will help decrease both illegal immigration to the United States and help repair many Latin American nations that continue to suffer as a result of US interference: First, Gonzalez champions the implementation of a common labor policy along the Mexican border to end the exploitation of undocumented workers. And once thewith the ending of World War II and with the independence movements that developed throughout Asia and Africa and Latin America, the peoples of those former colonial countries are coming to the metropolis, and theyre changing, transforming the very composition of those nations, and so that, for us, the United States, its not even anwere not dealing with this immigration, quote, problem alone. And it is the harvest of the empires that made those countries so wealthy. AMY GOODMAN: An excerpt of Harvest of Empire, premiering this week in New York and Los Angeles, based on the book Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America by the award-winning journalist and Democracy Now! Eventually, even the United States government could not stomach his methods of operation, so the CIA joined with disgruntled military officers to back his assassination. If there are three dates, the first date is the date of the original Well be back in a minute. hTn6EE q8C@ IHvdakb/G*/Dr^rrc'yL]]zL._fq4DQ_~r~}\o^i0ry "@H 32O nL7%'K$H,`N0'#####&fEDDGGGG+. In order to maintain its economic hold on Latin America, the United States interfered in the internal politics of various nations. The book has a direct connection between the hardships Latinos faced economically and military in their perspective countries. Gonzlez is a columnist at the New York Daily News and author of three other books, including News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media. Were also joined by the films co-director, Eduardo Lpez. JUAN GONZLEZ: Well, I think that thethat sent a message throughout Latin America in that period of time that the United States, coming out of the Kennedy era, the Alliance for Progress era, that the United States now was the enemy of change, because obviouslyJuan Bosch was not a revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination; he was a liberal democrat who wanted to have land reform and wanted to have some basic changes in the lives of the Dominican people. This is a rush transcript. Harvest of Empire A History of Latinos in America By JUAN GONZALEZ Viking. The last date is today's And so, this is a clear example of how disconnection continues to exist. The work of Latino Impact Media has always focused on one, and only one mission: improving the lives of Latino families through media. AMY GOODMAN: Pulitzer Prize-winning Dominican-American writer Junot Daz in Harvest of Empire. Well be joined by Juan and the films co-director in a minute, but first a clip from the trailer for Harvest of Empire. Were very pleased that Juan is with us here in the New York studio, not in his usual guest chair but asnot in his usual host chair but as a guest today, and along with the films co-director, Eduardo Lpez. This clip features the voices of Sister Pat Murray, former U.S. AMY GOODMAN: Juan, Ann Coulters comments on This Week when she said, I think civil rights are for blacks. Yes, itsthe Dominican Republic really is one of the many examples, but there are others, of Salvador, Guatemala and Cuba, as well, in terms of the effect of American foreign policy on the migration. People started coming in 1980 because of the war, and specifically because of our own countrys actions in the war. I want to play a clip from Harvest of Empire that talks about the history of U.S. involvement in the Dominican Republic, where many of the immigrants here in New York City hail from. In the book, Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez, we are made aware that the book is indeed split up into different sections. AMY GOODMAN: Now I want to get your comment on the current presidential candidates talking about immigration. I mean, we had to tie our shoes a certain way. This book presents an integrated historical look at Latin America and Latinos in the United States, offering portraits of real-life Latino pioneers and sketches of the political events and social conditions that compelled them to leave their homeland and examining how they have transformed the nation's cultural landscape. For all the talk about immigration, rarely does the conversation veer into why so many Latinos have come to the United States. Immigration is one of the biggest issues facing America, and the debate over immigration reform has suffered from relentless propaganda, mythologizing, and stereotyping, resulting in much fear, anxiety, and anger. So the United States then began allowing large numbers of Dominican former rebels to come to the United States as a way, again, of using migration as a safety valve. Harvest of Empire is a nonfiction book by Juan Gonzalez that examines the historical relationship between Latin America and the United States. Immigration is one of the key issues of this election year, and yet you dont have presidential candidates who have a vastly different approach to it. But, you know, I think that one of the things that I think its important to understand about the current immigration debate in the country, as I mentioned in the film, the last, quote, amnesty or attempt at comprehensive immigration reform in this country came under the most conservative president in our lifetime, which was Ronald Reagan. Juan, the Dominican Republic? And so, these, again, are all kinds of situations that our own country is not aware of. [includes rush transcript]. Harvest of Empire attempts to fill in the gaps, and the reasons dont include some naive notion about streets being paved with goldRaises a very important moral question, and one that rarely enters the immigration debate: If America is responsible for destabilizing a country, what is our role when the countrys citizens suffer as a result?, Rachel Saltz, N.Y. Times Harvest of Empire has a journalistic pedigree and a punch that comes from political advocacyThe filmmakers retain a touching faith that most Americans wont tolerate injustice when they know about it. AMY GOODMAN: Were spending the hour talking about a new film, given the significance of the issue of immigration in this country today. 2023, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Juan, again, a co-host, with the New York Daily News, author of three other books, including News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media, which is also just out in paperback, and founder and past president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. And I think that thethat Romney was so closely tied to some of the Salvadoran compradors is really astounding in terms of, as Eduardo says, his stance on immigration. Were now talking about 11 to 12 million people that are undocumented in the United States. And I think everybody here remembers where we were four years ago. Subsequently, Latino American voters, Black voters, and liberal White voters began banding together in support of more liberal candidates. UNIDENTIFIED: The instability that we have contributed to creates the kind of chaos and disarray that leads to more immigration. ANN COULTER: No, I think civil rights are for blacks. JUNOT DAZ: Im here because the United States invaded my country in 1965, an illegal invasion, completely trumped-up excuse to invade the Dominican Republic and crush our democratic hopes. Did you know that you can get Democracy Now! Those were precisely the former colonies of those empires. Subscribe to receive our monthly updates. AMY GOODMAN: And, of course, you have the latest presidential link, this remarkable story surrounding Bain, how Mitt Romney helped found Bain Capital with investments from Central American linksCentral American elites linked to the death squads in El Salvador. Rather than supporting the revolutions of their Latin American neighbors, the United States often took advantage of political turmoil in order to expand its own territorial holdings. Only a few months into his term in office, there was a military coup. And I really would not be sitting here with you if it wasnt for the hard work and sacrifice of the producer of the film, Wendy Thompson-Marquez. endstream endobj 4847 0 obj <>stream By the end of this century, a majority of the people will trace their origins not to Europe but to Latin America. Some investors had extensive ties to death squads responsible for a vast majority of the deaths in Salvador in the 1980s. eNotes Editorial. PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON: The American nations cannot, must not, and will not permit the establishment of another communist government in the Western Hemisphere. FATHER ROY BOURGEOIS: I had never seen anything like El Salvador. And we could see all the Guardia that were on all the roofs. The citation above will include either 2 or 3 dates. 4846 0 obj <>stream A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. In 2013, the film received one of the most prestigious awards in Latino entertainment the Imagen Award as Best Documentary for Film or Television. We owe black people something; we have a legacy of slavery. Harvest of Empire: The Untold Story of Latinos in . Contact Us. Directed by Eduardo Lpez & Peter Getzels. Description "A sweeping history of the Latinx experience in the United States. ", "Harvest of Empire is a breakthrough documentary in the way it connects the historical interaction between the US and Latin America with the immigration debate. Conquerors and victims : the image of America forms (1500-1800) The Spanish borderlands and the making of an empire (1810-1898) Banana republics and bonds : taming the empire's backyard (1898-1950) pt. I lived in what I call the little dictatorship, the little dictatorship of our house. co-host, New York Times sic columnist. on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Color Congress, MOSAIC, New York Community Trust, Peace Development Fund, ", Best Documentary Film, Imagen Award, 2013, 2015 ALA Notable Videos for Adults List, National Museum of American History, 2012, - Matthew Scalena, The Americas: A Quarterly Review of Latin American History, - Ed Morales, Univision News & Columbia University, - Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News, - Peter Hartlaub, The San Francisco Chronicle, If DSL or LDF rates are not listed, please fill out this, Films for Educational & Public Screenings, The Films of Camille Billops and James Hatch, Not Channel Zero - The Revolution, Televised, Puerto Rican Activism and Resistance film series, Media Production Training Program, Educational & Non-Theatrical Distribution, Democracy Now! AMY GOODMAN: In fact, Mitt Romney talks about people should self-deport. It was the producers who came to me several years ago. Immigrants havent even been in this country. is a timely and generally effective antidote to the dangerous xenophobia that is the true virus threaten-ing the integrity of essential American ideals. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of Harvest Of Empire by Juan Gonzalez. Harvest of Empire is divided into three sections: Roots, Branches, and Harvest. In the Roots section, Gonzalez covers the colonial period from 1500-1800, focusing on the two colonizing powers that came to dominate the hemisphere: the Spanish and the English. My book actually came out in 1999 initially, and its now, I think, used in about 200 college courses around the country as sort of an introductory survey text on the Latino community in the United States. However, Gonzalez notes that the interactions between colonizers and native residents varied by region. The first new edition in ten years of this important study of Latinos in U.S. history, Harvest of Empire spans five centuries--from the European colonization of the Americas to the 2020 election. Harvest of Empire Part 2: Branches, Chapters 4-5 Summary - by Juan Gonzlez Start Free Trial Part 2: Branches, Chapters 4-5 Summary PDF Last Updated on June 8, 2022, by eNotes. JUNOT DAZ: Well, they said, Were coming to the United States. Whatever that meant. Then it came out again updated, and now its in a film. And in a moment, were going to go to El Salvador to talk about what drove a lot of the migration here. %PDF-1.6 % ROBERT REICH: See, this is essentially the problem. And theyve actually been able to find images in the archives of Guatemala of that day and the people being burned and the crowds outside of the Spanish embassy that day. ", "In an era of anti-immigrant fervor, this sobering and much-needed look at Latino migration is built on an undeniably optimistic premise: that once Americans have accurate facts, 'they rarely allow injustices to stand. Gonzalez transitions into a discussion of Puerto Ricos status as a United States unincorporated commonwealth. The first new edition in ten years of this important study of Latinos in U.S. history, Harvest of Empire spans five centuries-from the first New World colonies to the first decade of the new millennium. And I feel that, as a country, were in a dream where there are no mistakes, there is no evil, we are always good, we hurt no one. "Harvest of Empire" lado humano de los indocumentados. Full Interview: Frank Mugisha on New Anti-, Former Guantnamo Prisoners Ask Biden to Let Them Keep Art They Made to Escape Inhumane Conditions, Landmark U.N. E Weve been living it for over 40 years. So I think that thats whats at stake here, is that not only a humanitarian gesture to the people that are here, but also the political repercussions that will come about as a result. AMY GOODMAN: Our guests are Juan Gonzlez and Eduardo Lpez. 2023 . And so, you had the meat-packing industry in the Midwest, began recruiting many Mexicans to come to Dodge City and to come to Des Moines and to come to all of thesethe meat center of the country. He would disappear Dominican and American citizens and kill them with impunity. And in just about all the cases when you look at history, you see very clearly, as Juan explains in the book, that our different waves of migration are connected to actions that the United States took in our countries, in different times for different reasons, but its very consistent throughout history, this connection between our foreign policy and immigration. citizens of Puerto Rican descent in the United States and another 4 million, roughly, on the island of Puerto Rico. In supporting United States businesses in Latin America, American administrations often supported ruthless dictators who, despite their horrific human rights abuses, were seen as reliable in supporting American companies. ", "The recent reemergence of immgration as a pressing matter in U.S. politics makes HARVEST OF EMPIRE a especially timely documentary. AMY GOODMAN: President Obamas comments come as his administration faces scrutiny for deporting and detaining a record number of undocumented people. I was more frightened there than Vietnam. Featuring family . 2012. Gonzalez uses his own account of being of Puerto Rican descent to emphasize the ways in which the status of Puerto Ricans as both US citizens and foreigners has left many Puerto Rican immigrants without a strong sense of cultural identity. MELVIN GOODMAN: The feeling was we could very easily overthrow this progressive government and make it a lot easier for the United Fruit Company and other American businesses to operate in Central America. co-host Juan Gonzlez. I found myself facing a tremendous amount of racism and bigotry, but not just from like white Americans, from black Americans and from Latinos. 3. At the Laemmle Theater on Friday night in Pasadena, here in New York at the Quad theater on 13th Street in New York through October 4th. AMY GOODMAN: And so, explain your title, Harvest of Empire. And I think that itsthat Romney got his start in Bain through this investment by some of these Salvadoran elites is really telling in itself. As such, the film would have great value in a high school or college classroom as a corrective to the willfully ignorant . Cuban immigrants have long been unique amongst Latin Americans as a result of their relatively positive reception from the government.

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